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best cheap strat?

The Stratocaster design is the most comfortable and popular guitar design and offers a nearly limitless range of music styles..

More guitar instructors recommend Strats as the best electric guitar design for beginners and Squier is the most-recommended brand of Strat due to it’s consistency, dependable components and solid build.

But Squiers currently cost $229 and lack a lot of features that Fender’s $1500 American-made Stratocaster includes.

So I figured, why not start with Squier-like qualities, but then add a professional setup (worth $70) and features that many Fender American Stratocasters include like –

  • bone nut for great tone
  • 2 extra pickup positions for a greater variety of sound;
  • tone control for the bridge pickup;
  • roller string guides for greater tuning stability;
  • treble bleed circuit so your tone doesn’t get muddy when you roll the volume down from ’10’;
  • quality full-size CTS volume control;
  • quality Mylar capacitor for tone;
  • quality D’Addario strings (even Fender doesn’t include those!) pre-stretched and intonated.

Well, we (Jean & I) did it and we can still keep the cost below Squier’s!  Just one problem – we can only make about 2 dozen each month because each guitar requires my personal attention to ensure the quality worthy of all the time you’ll spend with your instrument.

So order early or you may have to be put on a waiting list.  I will not accept money for guitars I can’t ship the same week.


Each Stratocaster guitar gets personal attention and a professional setup from an experienced guitar tech so your Squier Slayer guitar will be awesome to play, right out of the box!

Bone Nut

Bone nut for the best sound, hand-filed to precision for great intonation.  Nearly everyone agrees that bone is best for guitar nuts, but it’s a difficult material to work with for automated machines.


2 Extra Positions

You get the ability to match a Telecaster sound by playing your bridge pickup with your neck pickup, or get a voluminous, room-filling sound with all three pickups playing at once!


Bridge Control

Your Squier Slayer Stratocaster includes tone control when you’re just playing the bridge pickup – something I’ve never seen a stock Squier do!

Treble Bleed

Most of us, playing at home, get told to turn the volume down – but that causes your guitar sound to get muddy if you don’t have a treble bleed circuit.  Most American Fender Strats have these, but not Squier.


There's More!

  • CTS volume and tone controls
  • Mylar tone capacitor
  • Roller string guides
  • Clear finish headstock
  • Finished, non-gloss neck
  • D’Addario strings
  • Decked, easily floatable bridge
  • Smooth fret ends
  • Level & polished frets
  • ..& lots more!

You caught me!  I’m still working on the website, setting up production of the guitars, etc., etc.  May take me a week or two, so read slowly!  🙂

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